Dr. Stone The Best Anime

Dr. Stone is my number one anime. it is one of the top rated anime series which is loved a lot by its fan. The first season of this series was a success. The first season of Dr. stone has 24 episodes. It is the best anime which I ever watch.

I am hundred percent sure you also like that after watching Dr. stone. And I also know when you finished watching the first season you wanna know when the second season come. So I told you the second season will come in January 2021. If you can’t wait that long you can read the Dr. stone manga.

The mane character of this anime is a 16-year-old boy name Senkū Ishigami. He is a genius scientist.


The store begin in April 5738 A.D., 3,700 years ago a mysterious light appear in the sky and petrified nearly all human life including our main character.

3,700 years later Senku suddenly revived and find himself in a world where everything thing which human civilization create have been eroded by time. He established a base-camp and began studying petrified humans to determine the cause of the incident, as well as a cure.

Over the next 6 months, he found a nitric acid cave near his revival place. There he find out his revival was made possible with nitric acid. With his Discovery and knowledge he create a compound, which alows him to instantly revive others.

He revive first his best friend Taiju Oki after that he revive Yuzuriha Ogawa Taiju’s classmate and also a famous and most powerful martial artist named Tsukasa Shishiō, with the goal of rebuilding civilization with the help of science.

But Tsukasa believe that the old world was tainted and should not be restored Instead, he desires to establish a new world order based on power and strength, going so far as to destroy any petrified adults he encounters in order to prevent them from interfering with his goals.

After extorting the formula for the revival compound from Senko, he attempts to assassinate Senku when he realizes Senko knows how to make weapons from which he cannot defend. Assuming that he successfully killed Senku, Tsukasa began to establish his own faction in the Stone World.

After recovering from his near death he find a tribe of people already living on the planet. He discover that the village was started by his father along with 5 other astronauts, whom were unaffected due to being in space at the time of the petrification incident.

The people of stone world are surprised to know how the world look like before petrification. They are helping Senku to get back what ever they lost.

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