Dr. Stone Season 2 Release Date

Earlier the new season of the Dr. Stone was scheduled to be released in July 2020.  The coronavirus epidemic deferred the original release date. The January 2021 release is now final and expected, it will not change.

If you can not wait until the anime release then you can read the manga online from chapter 61.
There is also a news on the Internet that Season 2 of Dr. Stone has 10 to 14 episodes.

Dr. Stone Season 2 Production

This came as an announcement by Shonen Jump that he has an important news to announce to his fan community.  And then it was followed by a leak scan of the next issue of the magazine which aired on the internet.  Shortly afterwards, Dr.  Stone’s official Twitter account confirmed that the anime will indeed return with the second season of the anime.  Along with the tweet, a short teaser was also posted by a Twitter account.  Although the teaser did not feature much, it once again confirmed that the next season of Dr. Stone would adapt to the Stone Wars arc.

The leaked issue got fans engaged and revealed that the second season has been confirmed after thanksgiving to watch the anime.  The second season will likely be performed by the same studio that handled the first season, and this was very good news as the first season worked brilliantly, especially when it came to the quality of photography and animation.

Dr. STONE Season 2 Stone Wars Official Trailer –

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