Best survival game for android in 2020

Hello, friends today we are talking about Best survival games for Android in 2020. Here is some top games which i like and choose for you. So here is my favorite games  which I play most.

  • Ark survival evolved mobile
  • Last island of survival
  • Last day on earth : Survival


Ark Survival Evolved Mobile

There are lots of games in play store but this game is the best survival game on android.

This is my all-time favorite. It is one of the best games on the play store.

This is the best survival game, but it differs from all survival games. Its challenge you to survive and thrive on a mysterious island where you start alone and unarmed on a huge island. The map of this game is bigger than PUBG’s map, and the graphics of this game are very awesome.

In this game, you gather resources to make tools to create shelter and hunt dinosaurs for food and other things like hide, Chitin, Oil, etc. You can capture or team dinosaurs for help. They make your life easier.

You can team flying dinosaurs, water dinosaurs and other types of dinosaurs flying dinosaurs help you travel fast on the island. This is the best survival game for android.

You can play this game on a single-player or multi-player in multi-player mode. In Ark Survival Evolved Mobile you can make friends and build a tribe to make your team more powerful.

Best free android games in 2020 which I like.

You can discover more things like caves, underwater caves, hidden items, and other things.

There are over 80 Dino’s that you can team, train, ride and also you can breed them. The teamed dinosaurs will help you fight with other teams and also help when you in raiding on other players.

In this game, you can craft and build clothes, weapons, armor, guns, shelter, shield and other advanced things. You can survive alone or with other groups of players. There are hundreds of other players in every server in the game.

The graphics and layout of Ark Survival Evolved Mobile are very awesome and addictive if you play this game with your friends then you feel how awesome is this. I play this game every day on my server.

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