Best cultivation manga where mc has a system

Everyone is a fan of cultivation manga, some are good and some are not, so today I am going to give you some cultivation manga where mc has a system. I read lots of cultivation manga but these are the only ones which fit this category.


Infinity levelling in murim

In this manga mc was fighting in a war against a demon cultivator and died after that he was returned to his past when he was a boy . to stop that happening he started training and got a system which is helping him to become powerful. In his journey he meets with other powerful cultivators and makes friends with them.

System is powerful but not overpowered like other mangas system and mc his hard working to become strong to beat the demon cultivator


Nano machine

This is the manga which has a very powerful system. In this manga mc was going to die by assassins then suddenly a boy who is from the future appeared and killed those assassins. Mc was dying slowly and here the voice of that boy saying this the gift for you ancestor and then inject nanobots in him and disappear. After that mc got saved by his family members. He heard the voice in his head saying hello master, I am the nano machine and all that.

He had learnt everything about nanobots and how to use them over a period of time. They are like futuristic nano bots which can Annalise anything , change the body of the mc etc. mc uses it to become powerful so he can take his revenge on those people who killed his mother and try to kill him.


Reincarnation of the murim clan former ranker

Mc who is the most powerful hunter on earth and has the power of a necromar was killed by the hunter association and got reincarnated into a martial art world in the body of a prince who is a lazy and fat guy. After reincarnation he found out he can use his previous world power in his world world also. To make his clan powerful he uses his power and the martial art of this world.


Murim login

Murim login is the manga where mc can travel between his world and another world. In another world he is the third prince of the murim clan and in his own world he is an F rank hunter who is good for nothing.

When he transfers to another world for the first time he has a system which provides certain tasks which he has to do to level up and travel back to his own world in the given time.


All hail sect leader

You want to read manga that’s a martial arts world, op system with an occasional comedy mix, so this is the manga for you. In this manga mc died and reincarnated into a martial art world in the body of a rundown sect leader. When he reincarnated he got a system that gave him a task to make the sect the number one sect in 100 years time, if he didn’t complete the task he would die.

This is my favourite manga which has all aspects of modern items, martial arts, comedy and a sense of humour mix.


Havens library

As you can guess from the name this is the manga where mc has the power to record any data of the book and find the hidden flows which are in it.

Same as most of the manga, MC died and reincarnated in the body of a school teacher who has no knowledge of teaching. He uses his power to become the most knowledgeable person.

You’ll see alchemy, beast pairing, pill refining, new martial art creation and so much more in this manga.


Invincible at start

In this manga mc was reincarnated in the martial art world he was very happy but he found out that he can not practise martial art. He also got the system which gives him the power of domain or you can say field value. In starting he has the field value of five metres in which he can control anything like a god.

This is a good manga to read if you want an op mc who hides his power.


My disciples are super god

MC who is a game developer working on a martial art game died and reincarnated into his game with max level character. To hide his power he lives in the mountains alone. But one day some girls ask him to be their teacher and teach them martial arts. From that day lots of things have changed for them and our protagonist too.

The manga is good and the art and story line is also good. You will like it.


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