Best battle royal games for Android

PUBG Mobile

Everyone knows PUBG is in the top trending and best battle royal games on the android and also on PC. This is the most playing game in Asia.

Its mobile version is most popular than any game on Android. This is the best game on Android. The game is very addictive and awesome, but I like Ark survival evolved more than any Android game. Ark is my favorite game.

If you didn’t know anything about PUBG then I will tell you what type of game is it? 

PUBG is the real-time multiplayer survival Battle Royale game. In this game, a hundred players jump from a plane with the parachute and land off in a very big island where are lots of house and buildings and there we search things like weapon, meds, scope, armor, bullet and more other stuff for our safety and with weapons we can kill players.

Best Android Games Which I Like

Best Survival Games For Android

There is also a safe zone. It’s a type of a circle that is decreasing in size over time. If you are not in the safe zone then your health will decrease over time that’s why you need to be in the safe zone.

The last person stands to win the game.  In this game, there are four modes like solo duo squad zombie mode. You can also play this game in TPS or FPS mode. PUBG has lots of features just like other battle royal games.

There are lots of features in this game like you can talk to teammates and other players in-game and voice command for team members if you didn’t want to talk.

You also can message in this game for your team players. The control of this game is very smooth and awesome you also can customize those controls and layout as you want.

This game comes with two different types of applications. One is PUBG mobile and the second is PUBG lite.

PUBG mobile is for medium or high specification type mobile and PUBG lite is for low or medium specification type mobile. There is little difference between both applications like graphics, movements, maps.

In PUBG lite the graphics are little low compare to PUBG mobile and the map of PUBG lite is little different than PUBG mobile look and resource-wise but both applications of this game are awesome and addictive. It is the number one in the best battle royal games.

There are lots of things in this game which you can buy if you want like clothes, guns, skins, battle pass and more other stuff.

Try it if you didn’t play this game before then you understand how awesome is it. You must play four men squads with your friends then you like this game.

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