Anime same as so I am a spider so what

Anime similar to so I am the spider so what

Hello, everyone like the anime where mc transported to another world as a weak and work hard to become strong. This anime is also following the same concept of isekai but in a different way. In this anime mc is reincarnated as a spider in place of a human. It’s a very interesting anime you need to watch it.

In this anime mc reincarnated in a dungeon as a spider, the weakest creature around there. She works hard to become strong by fighting with other creature, meanwhile finding a way out the dungeon. The anime had been released on Feb 8,2021, you can watch it on Ani-One Asia YouTube channel for free.

If you already watched this anime you are definitely searching for the anime similar to Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?, so here is some anime which I recommend you.




Arifureta is one of the best isekai anime with a weak mc who got betrayed and work hard to become strong. You can say that tis is the mixture of So I am a spider so what and the rising of the shield hero because of the story line in my opinion.

In this anime mc and his classmates leveling their skills in a low-level labyrinth and the suddenly got teleported into a high-level labyrinth. At that level, the boss appeared to save their lives they run to the exit but one of the MC’s friend betrayed him to save owns life. He got attacked by one of his friends and falls down deeper into the labyrinth with Boss.

Where he fought with lots of powerful monsters and with the willpower of living, he gains lots of new skills and abelites by eating monsters which he killed. He trained himself and become the most powerful person.

In this journey he meets lots of peoples and make new friends. He also gained lots of knowledge of this new world and new skills and accessories from the labyrinth.


That time I reincarnated as a slime

That time I got reincarnated as a slime season 2
That time I got reincarnated as a slime season

That time I reincarnated as a slime Is one of the best anime in isekai anime list. This anime is similar to I am a spider so what because of weak monster type protagonist. Both anime has the weakest monster mc who become the strongest by defeating and eating monsters.

In slime the mc died and reincarnated as a slime (the weakest monster in isekai world) in another fantasy world. After reincarnation he found himself in a dungeon. To save himself from monster he needs to be strong, so he trained himself and fight with other monsters to gain the new skills and abelites.

He also develops the new relation between humans and demons. He makes new friends in this unknown world of fantasy.

The anime has 2 seasons of 24 episode each. This is one of the best isekai anime which you can watch on any streaming website like Funimation and Crunchyroll. You can also watch it on Ani-One Asia YouTube channel for free.




If you love isekai with comedy anime then this is the best choice for you. The anime offers a very interesting story with comedy, isekai and leveling system genre. It aired on January 14, 2016 on televisions. Anime has 20 episodes and 2 OVAs, the first season got a huge hit so they launched the second season of this anime which is also becoming popular in anime world.

This anime fallows a story of a boy name Kazuma. After dying, the goddess Aqua offers him to reincarnate in a fantasy world with MMORPG elements, where he can go on adventure and battle monsters. She put some weapons and other thing in front of him and told him he can take one thing in his next life as an adventurer to defeat the demon lord.

The boy chose goddess Aqua as his weapon. With Aqua unable to return to the afterlife until the devil king is defeated. They form a party and recruit two other members. Due to party’s dysfunctional abilities Kazuma quickly gives up on the idea of defeating The Devil King and tries to live a comfortable life.


The Rising Of The Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero
The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the shield hero is one of the best anime around here, everyone loves this anime because of its story and animation. This anime is very similar to So I Am A Spider So What because of the weak protagonist who worked hard and make himself strong. The anime has 2 seasons which you can watch on Funimation, Crunchyroll and other famous streaming websites.

The story begins with four humans who got summoned into another world as the four cardinal heroes to save this fantasy world by their powers, which they got during the summoning stage. All four heroes have their unique weapon with their unique abilities. All three heroes got fighting type weapons but Naofumi got the shield, which is useless in everyone’s eyes.

The king didn’t like the shield because of his own reasons. Unlike the other heroes he didn’t fully supported by kingdom. Only got a single companion and his licks turns to the worse when his only companion betrayed hem and steals all his belongings, she falsely accuses him of sexually assaulting her.

Mocked by nobility and shunned by everyone Naofumi forced to train alone as a hero until he buys a demi human and an egg which turns into a legendry bird monster. They both become his best friends and under his care they become strong warriors.


I’m standing on million lives

I’m standing on a million lives
I’m standing on a million lives

I am standing on million lives is a very new anime series which runs from October 2, 2020 till December 18, 2020. This anime is getting popular among anime lovers because of its new concept and storyline. In this anime you can see leveling system, weak MC, fantasy world and many other interesting things which you want in a anime.

The anime starts with Three peoples who got summoned into a fantasy world. Where they meet a person, who called himself the game master, he tells them if they want to survive and save their world with demons they need to play this game.

He gave them some skills, both Shindou and Hakozaki got Magician and Warrior skills but Yotsuya randomly got the farmer skill. This is how their adventure life began who now have no choice but to complete random quests for several phases in the fantasy world. Anime has a season of 12 episodes with a wonderful story.


Is it wrong to try to pick up a girl in a dungeon

Is it wrong to try to pick up a girl in a dungeon
Is it wrong to try to pick up a girl in a dungeon

Is it wrong to try to pick up a girl in a dungeon is a very famous anime among other anime’ who, shows leveling system. This is one of my favorite anime if I compare with other anime with in this type. The anime recently offers the third season which is becoming a huge success among anime lovers. The anime has 3 seasons of 37 episodes with an interesting storyline.

The anime also has a movie and 3 OVAs which you can watch on any streaming websites like Funimation and Crunchyroll.

This is not an isekai anime where people died and got reincarnated in a different world. This is a simple leveling system anime. It fallows a very interesting and unique story of a young boy name Bell Cranel a 14-year-old boy. In this world god lives with their followers, they help the peoples so they can fight with monster in dungeon.

The story begins with a 14-year-old boy Bell Cranel, who is very weak and solo adventurer. He loves a girl who is very beautiful and powerful adventurer in his guild everyone loves her. To impress her he wants to become very powerful, so he trained himself in dungeon and kill powerful monsters every day to earn money for living and XPs to become strong.

Because of his courage and commitment, he gains lots of levels and skills which make him very powerful among others he also gains some unique skills. He also makes new friends and team members in his journey of the most powerful adventurer.


Grimgar of Ash and fantasy

Hai to Gensou no grimgar (grimgar of fantasy and Ash)
Hai to Gensou no grimgar (grimgar of fantasy and Ash)

This anime is very different than other isekai anime which we know. In every isekai anime there is main character who is very weak or overpowered but, in this case, there is a group in place of a main character which got teleported into a fantasy world. The anime has a season of 12 episodes.

Anime begun with a group of people who got summoned into another world with no knowledge of their previous life. They split into small groups and formed a party and no one want to take the weak peoples into their team. So, the people who hasn’t chosen by any group’s forms a party and start training to become strong so they can make money for living.

They are getting batter day after day but things changed when the leader of their group died in a fight with goblins to save others life.


Some good Anime –

Re Zero

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Knight’s and Magic

Attack on Titan

God Eater


Kemono Jihen




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